Joie d’ Vivre, a romantic french saying that translates as a love & enthusiasm for life

Proudly South African Awesomeness

We replace the boring with something beautifully original

The power of photography allows us to capture, document and celebrate life. Imagining life without photography is what we imagine life without colour would be like, soulless and predictable. Photography provides an education of what we do and do not know. It is simply all around us. Because we have become so accustomed to this privilege, we unfortunately take it for granted. Our variety of cultures, traditions, philosophies, political views, tastes in literature, art, music and fashion all characterise the way in which we represent and distinguish ourselves in our globalised community. The beauty in this is inspiring!
At Joie d’ Vivre we strive to uphold the essence behind the art of photography by providing another opportunity for people to express themselves. We believe that neglecting your camera (as well as your binos) is an outdated phenomenon! Why should our camera and binocular slings be humdrum when our lives are clearly quite the opposite? Thus we invite our customers to get creative and decorate their cameras & binoculars with a sling that suits their style. Joie d’ Vivre boasts a variety of unique designs for both men and women of all walks of life and are the perfect item for any amateur or advanced photographer.